Coachies Treat Bag

The Coachies Treat Bag is essential for all reward-based training methods and can be easily be attached to your belt or pocket with the belt clip and ring hook attachments. The rain proof bag has a wide opening for easy access to treats as well as a secure drawstring to prevents spillage and helps to keep your treats fresh. There is also a front pouch for small accessories.


Size: Height 15cm x Width 16.5cm



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  • Despatched within 1-3 days

Halti Training Lead

This multi functional lead is must for the training of your dog. Its made with soft, padded webbing for extra comfort and with its adjustable lead length options, the Halti training lead can be used for various training;

  • heel work
  • obedience training
  • recalls
  • walking two dogs on one lead
  • hands free dog training
  • easy supervised tethering
  • double steering for optimal Halti control
  • recommended for the use of the Halti head collar and harness.


The lead is avalible in small or large and comes with a free training guide.



Large: Length 2 metres x Width 25mm

Small: Length 2 metres x Width 15mm



  • Available
  • Despatched within 1-3 days

Clix Multi-Clicker

The Clix Multi-Clicker is unique in having a patented volume/tone control, enabling you to clicker train even sound sensitive dogs. With a conventionally  designed raised clicker button its is versatile and easy to use and is ideal for puppy training.



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